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Practice Clinics and Services

To make an appointment for any of the clinics and services below, please contact our reception staff.

Blood and Smear Tests

Blood Tests

If you are advised by the Doctor that you need a blood test these can either be done at the surgery in the morning between 9am and 9.30am (because the hospital courier collects the specimens just after 9.45) or you can attend the hospitals listed on the  form. The opening times at the hospital are also listed.

Blood tests taken at the surgery are done by the nurse and you must tell the receptionist it is for a blood test, when booking the appointment. IF YOU ARE ADVISED THAT YOU NEED A FASTING BLOOD TEST this means that you cannot have anything to EAT OR DRINK apart from water for 12 HOURS before the test.

Smear Tests

These are used to screen for cervical cancer. By detecting this early it can be better treated. women will be sent reminders for regular smear tests once over the age of 25. Routine smear tests would be every 3 years until the age of 50, after that it will be every 5 years. Smear tests are usually performed by the nurse. 

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Ante natal and Post natal Care

Our Midwifery Team provide antenatal and postnatal care in liaison with the doctors. Antenatal clinics are held weekly on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ask at reception for further information.

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Baby Clinic

A weekly baby clinic is held on Tuesday afternoons. Our doctor carrys out baby 6 to 8 weeks assessments. Attendance is by appointment only.

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Child Immunisations

Our practice nurse holds a weekly baby immunisation clinic on Tuesday afternoons. The nurse can also offer advice and information if parents have any worries or concerns about a particular vaccination. Further information can be found on our immunisations page.

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Chlamydia Test

If you are between the ages of 15 to 25 years of age you can have a Chlamydia test. This is done on a urine sample. The results are confidential and can be sent to your mobile phone. Ask the doctors, advanced nurse practitioners or nurses for the test. Chlamydia and the National Screening Programme.

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Diet and Nutritional Advice

Our Community Dietician provides dietary advice to our patients. Your doctor will refer you if necessary. The practice nurse can provide adult weight management advice.

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Family Planning

All of the doctors are pleased to discuss family planning. Please make a normal surgery appointment.

Coils are fitted by appointment only. Teenagers and young adults are welcome to discuss aspects of safer sex and contraception with either the doctor or the practice nurses. However, if you are requesting contraception for the first time, you must see the doctor.

Patient confidentiality is respected at all times.

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Health Promotion

We encourage all our patients to share the responsibility for their health, both in preventing disease and treating existing conditions.

The Practice Nurse will be happy to discuss your general health with you and offer advice on many issues, including smoking, alcohol, diet, exercise, travel vaccinations and on influenza or pneumoccocal immunisation for those at risk.

Please check with the receptionist about making an appointment.

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Health Visitor Services

Our Health Visitors are based at Wombourne Clinic where you can contact them on 01902 324569.

Health Visitors are all qualified nurses and many have also had midwifery experience as well as having further training in areas such as child development, community health and health promotion.

They work mainly with parents and young children and will visit you soon after you return home with your new baby.

Our Health Visitor runs child health clinics and works alongside the Doctors at the surgery as well as offering support group and other services.

Please contact them, either through the surgery or on the direct line above, with any problems, no matter how small, and they will do their best to help you.

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Minor Surgery

Certain minor operations can be performed at the surgery, avoiding the need for you to go to hospital. If the Doctor recommends this sort of treatment then arrangements will be made at the surgery.

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We have access to a team of physiotherapists available for all our patients based at Wombourne Clinic. Your doctor will refer you for treatment if he or she feels that you will benefit from physiotherapy.

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Practice Nursing Services

Our Practice Nursing team provide the following services by appointment:

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Stopping Smoking

The practice nurse offers smoking cessation advice and support.

Local pharmacies also provide a Stop Smoking service.

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Patients Over 75 Years of Age

If you are 75 years or over, we offer you an annual consultation with the nurse. This can be done at the surgery, but if you are housebound, please tell the receptionist and we will arrange a review in your own home. Please bring a urine specimen with you.

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Travel Immunisations and Advice

Our Practice Nurses are available for travel advice and immunisations. An appointment should be made at least 6 weeks prior to travel.